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Written and Directed by Stephen Belber

Starring: Patrick Stewart, Carla Gugino, Matthew Lillard

As a couple interviews a renowned dance professor for their dissertation, their probing questions soon betray a hidden agenda.

“Writer-director Stephen Belber's inspiriting, generous Match is so good that it's like some kind of trick.”
-- Village Voice

Stream at: Netflix


Permut Presentations, Sentinel Pictures, Tilted Windmill Productions, Whitewater Films


Written and Directed by Stephen Belber

Starring: Jennifer Aniston, Steve Zahn, Woody Harrelson

When a traveling saleswoman meets a lonely motel manager, they have a one-night stand, but he decides to pursue her and change both their lives.

“Management avoids the standard rom-com clichés in favour of something more delicate and heartfelt.”
-- Times (UK)

Stream at: tubi


Sidney Kimmel Entertainment, Temple Hill Entertainment, Echo Films

What We Do Next

Written and Directed by Stephen Belber

Starring: Michelle Veintimilla, Karen Pittman, Corey Stoll


A New York City politician is forced to navigate her complicated past with a young woman recently released from prison and corporate attorney. Power constantly shifts among the three characters as they fight for their version of the truth

"Powered by the performers and Belber’s intelligent script, What We Do Next is an intricately drawn microcosm of the country’s dynamics of power."

-- New York Times

Coming Soon


Unbridled Entertainment, Mangano Movies & Media

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